Our Story

It’s actually very straightforward – we started Re:Drippy as a way to expose gamers and the crypto-community to the best crypto games in the world.

As more and more creators, teams, and companies create crypto-themed games, many of them sacrifice the fun of an actual entertaining gaming experience, just to say: “We have a crypto game!” – which usually suck. It’s a no-brainer why many people want a trustworthy source of honest information about the games they want to play.

Our Mission

It’s absolutely crucial for us not only to provide your with “Professional” reviews, but also reflect the average player experience. We continuously play and check the games that we review, to make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest updates.

The Team

Vova Feldman

Vova Feldman

“Trust the process”

Jason Oeynhausen

Jason Oeynhausen

“The best Investment you can make is your own Education”

Our Values

Since the day we started Re:Drippy, on a beautiful summer day on the island of Madeira (aka “Crypto Island”), our only focus is providing our readers with value through honesty, transparency, and dedication. The methods we use to review our crypto-games is no different, since we write our reviews based on real first-hand experience. We want to write reviews that people would love to read.

Let’s get things clear: we are playing all of the games we review. This is the only way we’re able to give you an honest, no-bs, unbiased reviews that fully reflect a real user’s experience. Remember: our readers always come first, second and third. Therefore, we’re not afraid of offending a “Big Corporation” by saying that their game sucks, as long is it really sucks, obviously. Honesty and full Transparency – they’re the fundamentals of what makes you trust our reviews, and we will never compromise your trust for anything.

In the future, we will make money through paid ads or affiliate commissions – providing you with the best content and keeping everything up and running cost money, and we gotta pay the bills. However, this will always be clearly stated, and rest assured that it will never affect the way we review crypto games – we only recommend the games we really enjoy playing ourselves, and believe it will be worth your while to play them too.

The bottom line is, that we are working very hard to make sure you have the best reviews for all the crypto-games out there.

Review Methodology

Below are all the criteria we use to research, test, critic and analyze every one of the crypto-games we review. As the leading authority on crypto games, we aim to build and maintain trust between players and the crypto-gaming industry as a whole. So, take a look:


This one is tricky, because some gamers must have a “Michael Bay” level of graphics to enjoy a game, while others don’t really care about it that much. Therefore graphics is always a very subjective criteria to review – everyone have their own taste. So, when reviewing graphics we talk about how they fit the specific game we’re playing, how much do the creators invest in the looks of the game, does it look “cheap” because it’s the way they intended, or maybe because they just didn’t care?


This is probably the most important aspect of any video game, crypto related or not. People are playing games to… have fun! And a great gameplay is what makes a game awesome. Here we will talk about how enjoyable the game is – is it easy enough to be fun, but hard enough to be challenging? Do you forget how time goes by when you play it, or you’re looking for the “Quit” button after 4 minutes? Is the game responsive? Does it lag? Does it require skill to play? etc.


There are many good crypto-games without a story at all. But only the legendary ones have a captivating story that makes you want to be a part of it.


Yes, this is a very important part of any crypto-game out there. We’ll talk about the game economy, about its Play-To-Earn-Ability, about how solid the financial side of the project is, or maybe it just looks good on paper but when you run the math it’s not.


Let’s face it, a huge part of any crypto-game is the community. We will go into the community’s forums and chats, and live among them for a while, to be able to tell you how engaged it is, how dedicated the members are, how responsive the creator’s team is, and basically – is this community alive and kicking, or dead and rotting.


There’s a reason why we play our games with speakers or headphones, and not on “Mute”. Music is a huge part of every game, and it creates (Or kills) the atmosphere of the whole experience.

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