Battle Infinity Review: Ultimate Crypto-Gaming Platform?

In this Battle Infinity review, I’ll talk about a game project that greatly impacted the crypto gaming industry.

In 2022, when NFT and Metaverse projects are on the rise, Battle Infinity is a ground-breaking platform that combines NFT, a play-to-earn model, and the metaverse.

The IBAT tokens of Battle Infinity, which are currently on sale, fully comply with BEP-20 standards. So, what makes Battle Infinity so unique?

Well, the variety of game options provided by Battle Infinity was, in all honesty, what really caught our attention.

You may have heard of Fantasy Sports betting in the USA, where you can play fantasy sports by creating your own fantasy teams for baseball, basketball, or football in a virtual world.

Battle Infinity is attempting to provide an improved version of the Fantasy Sports concept to those who enjoy crypto gaming.

That said, I’m not sure how successful they’ll be in this. Due to this obscurity, I decided to do my own research on this project and write a thorough Battle Infinity review.

I’ll attempt to answer all questions, such as what games are provided, what players can do, and how we can earn money from gaming on Battle Infinity. Let’s begin!

Graphics & Design (5)

Battle Infinity is a project that was first revealed in the summer of 2022. As a result, there is no available source where we can look at specific graphic and design details.

We still don’t have the slightest idea of what the game will look like, but we do know that the game is being worked on non-stop.

However, if we look at what the development team says, it seems that we can expect a web-based game and/or mobile games as well.

We know that they’re creating a Battle Arena world, but we have no idea what it will look like. Additionally, it is known that this developing metaverse World will provide numerous different play-to-earn war games.

Since they intend to revolutionize the gaming industry, I don’t believe they will provide a typical gaming experience. But again, this is still a crypto game, not a AAA game, so anything can happen.

A Capture The Flag Game In Battle Infinity

The similarity to Fantasy Sports was the first thing that caught people’s attention. The IBAT Premier League is the first decentralized NFT-based fantasy sports game in the world.

Players will be able to participate in a battle with others from around the world while forming their own strategic teams in the game.

Of course, players can do all of this with the special NFT Pass. I’ll tell you more about it in the section about gameplay.

When I looked at other fantasy sports games websites, I couldn’t really find anything that talks about them being “games.”

For example, when I looked at websites like Superdraft, Fantasydraf, or Draftkings, I discovered they were cutting-edge gambling sites and not “gaming” websites.

To be honest, I don’t believe that Battle Infinity will provide players with much in terms of graphics. You will only be able to buy some in-game characters for money and set up your own teams, and these characters will probably be in 2D.

I believe we won’t even have the option to watch the Fantasy Game match, as we can, for example, in the Football Manager series.

From what the development team tells us, we do know that players will be able to access a variety of NFT-based play-to-earn games on the Battle Infinity platform. These games can be played with gamepads only or with virtual reality glasses.

We don’t have concrete footage where we can examine the graphics or game design in detail. However, we do know that players can use their earnings from these games to trade on the Battle Infinity Market.

Battle Infinity Market

It was also revealed that players would be able to customize their avatars in the IBAT Battle Arena. For example, you can create an avatar that looks just like you: It will be possible to customize everything from that avatar’s clothing to its hair.

Additionally, these customized items will be available for sale as NFTs on the IBAT Battle Market. On paper, each of these gameplay details and ideas sounds fantastic.

However, it’s unclear how they will combine multiple games played with VR. We don’t know yet if the game developers will create brand-new games or if they’ll collaborate with developers of other Crypto games and list them on their platforms.


However, when we look at the small details, we see that Battle Infinity works with Unreal Engine 4. Unreal Engine 4 can provide pretty good graphics quality, especially because they are developing metaverse-based VR games.

However, we don’t have any additional graphics or design information. I’ll update this review with new information if I encounter new game prototypes in the near future.

Battle Infinity Review: Gameplay (9)

We must first recognize that Battle Infinity is a big platform for games rather than just a standalone game.

Once you realize this, you’ll see that Battle Infinity is similar to Steam or Epic Games. However, unlike them, all the games on Battle Infinity have play-to-earn features and are NFT-based.

Given the findings, let’s examine the gameplay for one of Battle Infinity’s most well-known game projects. I’m talking about the IBAT Premier League.

IBAT’s most outstanding feature is that it is the world’s first decentralized NFT-based sports game and a typical fantasy sports game.

How to Play IBAT Premier League?

Players can create teams within each of the four sports branches that make up the IBAT Premier League system. So let’s look at how it functions.

To participate in leagues or matches, a player needs to have an NFT pass. Players will be able to buy athletes from real sports teams and create their own teams after purchasing an NFT pass.

The most crucial thing to remember is that you only have a limited budget to build your team. The players’ actual on-field performances determine their monetary value. If your team has the highest score, you win and take home the prizes.

IBAT Premier League Logo

The IBAT Premier League uses a varied point system to choose a winning team. In most cases, the player’s actual-life performance determines the points that will impact the team’s ranking in the game.

For these players to receive points in the IBAT Premier League, they must take some actions. For example, a player’s goal gives you 12 points in the IBAT Premier League fantasy football league.

I advise anyone interested in playing in IBAT leagues to look at the detailed score table, where you can find all the rewards for all the different achievements.

Each sports league has limitations on the athletes that can be chosen. You can select a total of 11 players in football, but you can only choose 1 goalkeeper.

IBAT Premier League Racket And Ball

A device running Windows, iOS, or Android is required to play and use the IBAT Premier League.

Remember that you must also connect your user accounts to a web3 wallet because it is necessary to establish ownership and asset trading in the game.

Between your web3 wallet and IBAT, ERC721 and ERC20 smart contracts will be used.

Let’s say you win a league in the IBAT Premier League, and you are ready to claim the rewards. The IBAT Stake Pool stores the funds of all the players who participated before the leagues started. The money is then divided into 3 parts after the league games end.

Out of these, 5% goes to the Foundation or the developers, 5% to daily mission rewards, and 90% to the top teams who win the league. The IBAT Premier League allows winners to keep 90% of the total prize money when they win a league.

IBAT Premier League Awards

Various Types Of Treasure In Battle Infinity

There are different rewards for each game in Battle Infinity. Let’s take a look at 4 key ways players can earn rewards, including IBAT and NFTs.

  • Daily Tasks: Rewards are given to anyone who completes daily tasks that reset every 24 Hours.
  • Match Award: The winning team owners receive a certain amount of prize based on the points earned at the end of the matches.
  • League Award: The team that receives the highest score throughout the league gets a high award.
  • Ranking Rewards: Team owners who are in the top 10 during the period until the end of the league receive extra rewards

IBAT Battle Games

IBAT is not just a fantasy sports game, as we previously stated. There isn’t much information available yet, but there will be an arena where players can play games entirely online.

You can even customize the appearance of your own avatars in this arena, which will have a wide variety of NFT items.

After that, you’ll be able to participate in all the games included in the IBAT Battle Games category. You’ll receive plenty of NFTs regardless of which game you win. However, those who want to participate in the IBAT Battle Games must place a few bets.

Which games will be played? This information is unknown at the moment. We do, however, already know that many games will support VR. You will be able to sell all the loot you earn in the games in question on the IBAT Battle Market.

The entire Battle Infinity system sounds pretty good. We are particularly interested in learning how the IBAT Battle Games arena will be developed and what games will be offered.

However, when we look at the details we have, we can easily say that IBAT is promising.

Game-Story Review (10)

Let’s keep it short and say that Battle Infinity has no story. Fantasy sports leagues are where Battle Infinity first gained popularity.

They do not require a story. What kind of story would you want in a classic fantasy sports league anyway?

However, the games on the IBAT Battle Games platform may be the only thing I would like to have a story for.

However, it has been announced that the games here will be completely online and competition-oriented. In other words, stories are not required in Battle Infinity games.

Battle Infinity Official Announcement

Which other games in the cryptocurrency gaming industry have a good storyline? Even in games about space and other universes, the stories are limited to a few lines.

I can’t blame Battle Infinity for lacking a storyline, and I think that considering the type of “game” it is, I should give it a 10/10.

Music Review (1)

Battle Infinity doesn’t have a soundtrack either, just like it doesn’t have a storyline. Would you like to see the trailer they made using a typical store sale soundtrack?

They present themselves poorly as if they were advertising NFTs on television:

Before making any harsh criticism, let’s keep in mind that the platform was announced in the summer of 2022.

There is not even the slightest information about the games they have created so far. Maybe they’ll come up with excellent quality music. We must all wait and see.

Tokenomics Review (7)

IBAT Coin In Gold

Now, if we go back to our topic quickly, would you like to take a look at how the Battle Infinity ecosystem works? Perhaps my favorite feature of Battle Infinity is the use of the IBAT token throughout the platform.

Moreover, you may want to join early, as there is currently a pre-sale going on. If you are ready, let’s start our research step by step.

Premier League

The Premier League is the game that forms the main mechanics of Battle Infinity. Because of NFT integration, players get to experience fantasy sports in an exciting new way.

In the IBAT Premier League, almost everything is traded as an NFT. In addition, players experienced in fantasy sports can even earn a regular income.

Battle Swap

The Battle Swap functions are similar to the best DeFi apps on the platform. Players can trade their tokens as they wish without the need for any central intermediary.

Players can even instantly purchase IBAT tokens or exchange them for different cryptocurrencies.

Battle Market

The Battle Market, which functions as Battle Infinity’s NFT market, is the point where all in-game items are sold as NFTs.

Battle Store

Earlier, I mentioned Battle Infinity’s online wargame section – I said there would be a large variety of war games. That’s exactly where the Battle Store is.

Playing a variety of play-to-earn games in the store will allow players to earn NFT items that they can then sell in the Battle Market.

Battle Stake

IBAT’s most significant revenue comes from solo/duo staking methods, which are entirely unrelated to play-to-earn mechanics.

Players will start getting their special rewards once they begin staking IBAT tokens.

IBAT Token Distribution

Illustration Of Buying And Selling IBAT Tokens

Since we’re talking about the Battle Infinity ecosystem, we should consider how the total supply of 10,000,000,000 (10 Billion) is managed.

Is the tokenomic structure of the supply being effectively used to maintain the project’s continuity and make it look promising? IBAT tokens operate on the Binance Smart Chain and are based on the BEP20 smart contract standard.

Let’s look at the table:

Private Sale2.5%
Foundation & Development10%
Marketing and Exchange Listings18%
Founders and Developer Team20%
Legal Team0.5%
Team Allocation10.5%

The 10 billion token supply was, to be honest, a little intimidating when I looked at the IBAT token distribution.

The distribution of tokens, however, is compelling. I think that the amount distributed for the legal team is relatively small. In fact, I’m aware that many countries around the world forbid placing a bet on fantasy sports games.

For example, fantasy sports betting is still prohibited in many US states. Considering all this, more investment could be made in the legal team for the future of IBAT.

Community Review (6)

I always wonder about the community’s structure when I review crypto games. Due to Battle Infinity’s recent developments, its community is still in the forming stages.

However, even at this point, I can’t help but notice that a sizable portion of the Battle Infinity community is made up of investors, and a smaller part is made up of bookmakers.

Many people must find it exciting that you can bet with your staked tokens, especially with the IBAT Premier League.

Battle Infinity Telegram Group

There are many Crypto Casino or Metaverse Casino projects out there.

However, a lot of them resemble conventional casinos. In addition to all of these, there are large investor populations in the Battle Infinity community who enjoy betting.

Generally speaking, the community uses Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram quite frequently. Particularly Telegram groups have gotten close to 50,000 members.

They also have a Twitter following of nearly 20,000 followers. However, I realized that they were not regular YouTube users.

It’s not very encouraging to follow YouTube channels that only post one trailer at random.

Earning-Ability (9)

Let’s look at how exactly players can earn money in Battle Infinity.

IBAT Premier League

The IBAT Premier League is the first and most straightforward way to make money in Battle Infinity.

As you already know, you first need an NFT Pass to enter IBAT. You will then be able to play in leagues with your fantasy team after purchasing this NFT Pass.

You receive generous rewards for each game and league adventure you win. At this point, making good strategies for your team can help you achieve high profits.

Battle Games

Battle Games are another way to earn IBAT tokens. As I said before, the Battle Infinity platform will be a host to multiple competition-based games.

You will be able to sell any prize you win in these PVP-focused war games as NFT. Also, you can win all the items you need from these battles to customize your avatars.

For your avatar, you can even sell a hairstyle, hat, pair of earrings, or pair of shoes as NFTs. This allows highly generous payouts for PVP winners.

IBAT Battle Staking

Battle Infinity has a betting platform where players can earn higher percentage returns.

Players can make money by betting and investing in 3 different types of stakes.

Solo Staking

In this type of staking, players can directly stake their tokens to earn APY. You can stake on a monthly, 6-monthly, or annual basis.

Duo Staking

Players can earn interest through duo staking by pairing any other token with IBAT.

You could use your preferred tokens, like BNB, ETH, DOGE, etc., to generate passive income.

Crates Staking

Another staking method is available by using crates. When you purchase NFT safes in the game, you can only open that safe with a matching NFT key.

Typically, keys can be obtained by playing IBAT Battle Games or directly purchasing them from the battle market. There are 3 different kinds of crates in all in IBAT.

  • Free Crates: These are a very common type of crates that are only given out by completing daily tasks.
  • Silver Crates: These crates, sold on the IBAT War market, are only given to those who have climbed to the top of the weekly leaderboard, and they are much rarer than free crates.
  • Gold Crates: You can get these crates right from the IBAT Battle market. You can also have a gold safe if you place 1st on the monthly leaderboard. You can win various gifts, including IBAT tokens, coupons, special gifts, and special benefits. The gold crates are the rarest ones in the game

As you can see, Battle Infinity provides a wide range of play-to-earn options. It’s especially awesome that you can sell everything you get from Battle Games and IBAT Premier League as NFTs.

Everything, including the game’s weapons and the hair on your avatar, is up for sale.

I was genuinely surprised to discover such an ample play-to-earn opportunity in Battle Infinity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Battle Infinity token listed on Binance?

No. The Battle Infinity (IBAT) token is not listed on Binance. At the same time, Binance has nothing to do with this project. The IBAT token is just built on the Binance blockchain.

How much is battle Infinity worth?

As of October 14, 2022, the price of IBAT Token is $0.003006.

How do you get crypto in battle infinity?

Battle Infinity is not currently listed on exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance. You need to use decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap or UniSwap. That’s exactly why you can convert BNBs from Binance to buy IBAT on PancakeSwap.

What is a Battle Infinity token?

IBAT Premier League provides excellent opportunities to access Battle Games, Staking, and various betting aspects. You can then sell each item you get from these deals on NFT markets with their decentralized token, IBAT. The Battle Infinity blockchain project is based in Mumbai and seeks to establish a play-to-earn ecosystem.


Today we talked about Battle Infinity – One of the newest projects in the crypto gaming industry. We often discussed the game’s mechanics, platform structure, and tokenomics in detail.

Given everything, I would like to say that I have low hopes for Battle Infinity. Yes, the IBAT Premier League and Battle Games concepts are very intriguing.

But the situation doesn’t appear very promising when considering other Metaverse projects and the developer team’s slowness.

However, I cannot predict what the upcoming years will hold – I may be proven incorrect. So let’s hope for the best and see how the IBAT process develops.

6.7 Total Score
Ultimate Crypto Gaming Platform

Are you looking for an immersive and exciting crypto-gaming platform? Look no further than Battle Infinity! Their ecosystem hosts multiple P2E battle games integrated with the Metaverse world called "The Battle Arena." Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore gamer, they've got something for everyone.

Graphics & Design
Earning Ability
  • Battle Infinity is pretty new. Nobody can predict the future success of this project. However, it might be a good opportunity for those who want to assess it from an investment standpoint.
  • The play-to-earn mechanics in Battle Infinity are excellent. The IBAT Premier League and Battle Games sections were my favorites. The development team says there will be a dozen games in Battle Games. It will be a fantastic play-to-earn platform if they manage to do that.
  • With the IBAT Premier League, I believe they will offer fantasy sports betting a different perspective. As opposed to conventional betting platforms, I think they will give a new impulse to the cryptocurrency betting industry.
  • The development team, in my opinion, proceeds far too slowly. Because aside from the game’s trailer, there is no prototype of the platform itself. It’s necessary to question what exactly investors are investing in.
  • The IBAT Premier League and fantasy sports are both games that demand sophisticated strategy. IBAT Premier League can result in losses, especially for those who enjoy playing casual crypto games.
  • Projects that build metaverse worlds seem a little off the mark. Sometimes it isn’t easy to believe that they will be able to follow the roadmaps they’ve created, particularly for the upcoming years. The IBAT Premier League, which makes up the platform’s main mechanics, is still completely undeveloped.
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