Tamadoge Review: Crypto-Tamagotchi Bonanza

Here’s our Tamadoge review. I believe that most of our readers are familiar with Axie Infinity – One of the top crypto games out there. Axie rose to the top of the crypto gaming industry thanks to its simple gameplay and the fact that it’s one of the first play-to-earn games created in the industry.

Today we’re going to look at a very similar game to Axie Infinity – I’m talking about the game “Tamadoge,” which has yet to be released. Tamadoge is a pet-based game that allows you to feed, breed, and battle other players and their pets (PVP).

After researching the available information about the game for the last 2 days, I can honestly say that it feels very similar to Axie Infinity.

Just like in Axie, breeding your pets in Tamadoge allows you to create more powerful and higher-level pets. These powerful pets can then be sold as NFTs on online marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Doge Under Water In Pixels

So today, we’ll take a look at Tamadoge and decide if it’s a legit crypto game (Fun and entertaining) or is it just another “game” made only for the sole purpose of “investment” Ready? Let’s begin!

Graphics & Design (7)

Even though the game was announced in the summer, there’s still no gameplay footage of it anywhere.

Based on my research and knowledge of the game’s mechanics, I expect it to be some sort of combination between Axie infinity and Stardew Valley. I want to emphasize that I predict a complete similarity to Axie Infinity at this point.

Tamadoge Doge Selection SCreen

It’s probably not the best time to talk about the game’s graphic design since it’s not officially out yet, there is no gameplay footage, and the only thing we got is just a bunch of screenshots showing us the pixel-art style graphics of the game.

However, in pet-focused games, graphics are not typically the priority. So, it might be more accurate to categorize Tamadoge as an upcoming mobile game.

Because when I look at the AR prototypes of the game, I can easily say that it is a mobile game similar to Pokemon GO. When it becomes available for PC, it will likely already be released on mobile.

When we look at the official website screenshots, we can see cute pixelated pet images. The atmosphere of the game, specifically the ability to feed and customize your pet’s appearance, makes me think of Stardew Valley.

Let’s hope that the development team keeps this lovely style of graphics when the game is finally released. I’m also sure that many people will agree that having gorgeous, lifelike graphics and design isn’t everything when it comes to games.

A simple game with fun gameplay can usually win over many players. Looking at the mobile game industry would be more accurate, particularly at this point.

This kind of cute graphics allows games in the mobile gaming industry to quickly reach millions of players.

Tamadoge Mobile

When I looked at Tamadoge’s first NFT releases, it really gave me an indie gaming vibe because I noticed many similarities with numerous games created by independent, low-budget developers.

My opinion of Tamadoge’s NFTs has changed, mainly because it has a pixel game design similar to Starbound and Minecraft.

Doge House Fun

In addition, Tamadoge’s indie-looking graphics seem to have a simple flow. For example, a development team can create a game similar to Tamadoge in 3-4 months.

Because of Tamadoge’s pixel art graphics style and pet dynamics,  this should be quite a simple task for most gaming studios to replicate this game must still wait to see the game’s complete and final version.

Tamadoge Review: Gameplay (6)

We first must analyze the game mechanics to fully understand Tamadoge’s gameplay. As I said at the beginning of the review, Tamadoge is all about pets.

Every player has a pet that they can purchase with money, and the pet grows over time. You can feed, take care of, or walk your pet.

Your pet goes through a process as they carry out all these actions. Your pet will grow based on the care and nutrition you provide. If you want, you can have a new pet once it has grown up by letting it breed and replicate.

Doge Collecting Tokens

To be fair, I can’t really talk too much about the gameplay since the game isn’t out yet. However, because I’ve already played Axie Infinity, I know what to expect from this game.

By the way, pets in the game are ranked by their level of rarity, and if you have a rare pet, you can convert it to an NFT and sell it.

Or suppose you have a pet that is both extremely rare and powerful. This pet can be used in battles with other players’ pets. It’s important to point out that if your pet wins an excessive number of battles, there’s a good chance you’ll receive a Tamadoge token.

So, having a strong and unique pet is crucial. As you and your pet win battles, you climb up the ranks on the PVP leaderboard and earn Dogepoints. You will earn more Tamadoge tokens as you move up the leaderboard.

Tamadoge Playing Card

It’s pretty clear to me that the game’s mechanics are based on feeding and fighting pets, just like in Axie Infinity.

It can quickly reach thousands of players despite its typical gameplay structure. If the mobile game version is released simultaneously with the PC version, I believe the game’s popularity will skyrocket.

Story (2)

It seems that, unfortunately, Tamadoge has virtually zero story. This is not entirely surprising when you consider the fact that most crypto-games invest very little in the story, or usually, a made-up story is used.

This is because many crypto games are played for investment purposes only. This is the exact reason why Tamadoge and other crypto games lack creative stories.

The emergence of the Tamadoge, however, has a simple story of its own. Some cryptocurrency projects use meme coins, particularly Doge and Shiba.

The developers of Tamadoge wanted to make a fun game using these meme coins as inspiration. Honestly, I don’t think these types of tokens are particularly healthy. I do believe they have the potential to change things, though, if a really good game design is used to support them.

Because, like in Shiba, the future of such projects depends on the speculative remarks of well-known names. For instance, Elon Musk’s slightest negative remark can completely devastate those who invest in Shiba. But if a really good game and story design are used, I believe it could change things for Tamadoge.

As a result, when we look at the Crypto gaming industry, there are high-quality games such as Star Atlas and Gods Unchained. These games are projects that stand out with quality game mechanics, away from all speculative movements.

The changes that will decide the future of Tamadoge will be determined by quality, just like in these games.

Moreover, in pet mechanics-based games like Tamadoge, a story is not REALLY necessary. After all, all you do is try to raise a newborn pet.

However, there is something here that needs to be highlighted. I think it would be cool if they would have made a story for every new pet you get in the game, just to keep players a little more engaged.

For example, I believe it wouldn’t be detrimental if a dramatic story for kids were written before the release of the mobile game.

As a result, there is still a long time for the game to be released. We’ll have to wait and see what the game will include and also to see if the developers will create a “real” story for it or just leave it as it is.

Music (1)

Tamadoge, as I said before, is a newly announced game. I cannot yet say that there is a game, even though the TAMA token has been distributed and partnered up with a few exchanges.

So considering the fact that the game is not even out yet, it’s no surprise that there’s no official soundtrack.

My expectation for Tamadoge at this point is that they will integrate a soothing style of music. Especially in a game where we have adorable pets and a lot of greenery, I personally would prefer to have calming and chill music.

I’ll give you an example of some Stardew Valley music below. Check out the video, and you’ll know exactly what I mean:

I believe that the Tamadoge team is aware of the fact that they’ll have to add really good music to the game to make it stand out.

Without adding enjoyable music and a compelling story to their games, I don’t think they will be able to survive in the crypto gaming market.

But, perhaps staying in this industry isn’t their goal. In my opinion, they only wish to emulate Doge and Shiba as meme coins.

In the long run, speaking on behalf of Tamadoge could be misleading. In light of this, I would like to avoid bringing up any personal commentary.

Tokenomics (7)

Tamadoge’s development team is working hard to create a virtual world called Tamaverse. The token to be used in this world is also regarded as being ready for use if the game’s developers successfully create Tamaverse.

An in-game currency known as TAMA Token was created using the Ethereum network and ERC-20 standards. You need pets to obtain this currency in the game.

When you own newborn pets, you’re responsible for all of their ongoing expenses. For example, until they reach adulthood, you must use TAMA tokens to cover all maintenance costs and food.

Tamadoge Tokenomics

However, if the pet you raise turns out to be unique, you can sell it for much more money than what you invested in growing it to adulthood.

Even if your pet becomes too strong, you can rise in the leaderboard by making your pet fight against other pets in PVP mode and earn Tama tokens again.

Or, in addition to all of these, you can sell your pets on OpenSea by turning them into NFTs. All in all, you can buy and sell everything you see in Tamaverse. And this is precisely how the developers want to create a big and solid ecosystem.

The Tama token is currently available for purchase on OKX – One of the biggest exchanges in the world.

So, is the TAMA token being properly used for the game’s future? To answer this question, let’s look at Tamanomics, where we will do a white paper review of Tama.


The future of most Crypto games is dependent on how the token supply is used. It could be disastrous for the project if the developer team does not use the supply correctly and advantageously.

So, let’s take a closer look at Tamadoges Tokenomics structure:

  • There will be 2 billion Tamadoge tokens made in total (2,000,000,000). At the time of token creation, the first 1 billion of this 2 billion supply will be in use. 400,000,000 of the other 1,000,000,000 will remain unpublished and will be used for exchange listings. The project will be supported with the remaining 600,000,000 over the following 10 years.
  • 50% of the tokens will be sold through a public pre-sale before being listed on the DEX.
  • For the next ten years, 30% of the entire supply will be available for minting. And the Tamadoge project will be funded with it.
  • 20% of the still available tokens will be set aside for listings on both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency platforms.
Tamadoge Tokens Distributions

Tamadoge Store

The game’s store system is another element that contributes to Tamaverse’s tokenomic structure. For example, on the Tamadoge store, you can only use Tama tokens for every trade you make.

This token is used to raise the price of the Tama token because every purchase the players makes supports the ecosystem and drives up the price of the Tama token.

30% of Tama tokens spent in the store will be used to help the TAMA team improve the platform and provide tokens for P2E items in the game.

Selecting Cards In The Tamadoge Game

Also, 5% of the tokens used in the store will be completely burned. This logically implies that the supply will continuously decrease by 50 out of every 1000 spent tokens being destroyed.

The reason why the Tamadoge team burned 5% of the tokens is to contribute to the supply-demand continuity within the ecosystem. Another important detail is that the platform development and marketing will be funded with 30% of the spent tokens.

The remaining 65% will be transferred to the game’s P2E prize pool. This way, players who achieve success on the Leaderboard will be rewarded for their efforts.

Community (5)

There are two active platforms where we can learn about Tamadoge’s community. The first is their official Discord channel, and the second is their Twitter account, which has more than 70,000 followers.

To be completely honest, judging by the discussions within the community, it seems that there are hardly any players interested in Tamadoge’s gameplay.

By looking at the game from an investor’s point of view, everyone aims to invest in TAMA tokens.

Tamadoge Twitter

Like Star Atlas, there was a large expectation for a growing player base. But I can’t say the same for Tamadoge.

This is most likely because the game was just recently announced. Even though Tamadoge was announced a few months ago, Tamadoge’s official page is about to reach 100,000 followers on Twitter.

The fact that nobody is currently interested in Tamadoge’s gameplay doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future.

Because the Tama team is developing an AR application that will be released in 2023, they plan to create a mobile game that allows players to view their pets on their phones.

If the game becomes a success and provides high-quality gameplay, I anticipate that the community will reach hundreds of thousands of people in a very short time.

Tamadoge Discord Community

When Pokemon GO first debuted, it sparked a lot of interest in AR. The Developers of Tamadoge can succeed in bringing innovation to the Crypto gaming industry, even though they might not have the same impact or vision as Pokemon GO.

I can confidently say that Tamadoge is rising quickly in the popularity ranks, especially when I see how fast their community is growing.

Earning Ability (7)

On Tamadoge, there are several ways for players to make money. But the most basic way to earn TAMA tokens is the PVP system.

The PVP is a system that allows you to battle with other pets. I prepared a list of how users can earn in Tamadoge, especially the PVP system.

Playing games is the first way to earn money on Tamadoge. You take care of your newborn pet and raise it.

After your pet grows, you try to rise in the leaderboard by fighting in PVP. The higher you move up the leaderboard, the more TAMA tokens you can earn.

Having your pets breed is an additional way to acquire Tama tokens. For instance, if you breed a high-quality pet, you can get a special pet that is much better than the common one. After that, you can sell this pet as NFT.

All of the game’s items can be purchased and sold, which is another way to profit. Do you want to buy a colorful collar for your favorite pet, for example? Then, by logging into the Tama shop, you can buy a collar that is being sold by other players. In short, players can exchange TAMA tokens for any of the cosmetics, food, or care products they use in the game.

With all of the above, we can conclude that Tamadoge’s play-to-earn aspect is very strong. There might be more opportunities to earn after the game is released. We’ll have to wait and see.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge is Tamaverse’s meme token used as an in-game currency. Players are allowed to own and raise Tamadoge pets within the ecosystem i.e., Tamaverse. In addition, you can get rewards for making your pets participate in the battles.

How can I buy a Tamadoge token?

You can buy it on OKX, one of the world’s largest exchanges, to buy Tamadoge.

How much is the Tamadoge coin worth?

On October 11, 2022, the price of Tamadoge was $0.03646. On April 10th, it reached its peak price of $0.1946.

Is Tamadoge a good investment?

In the world of cryptocurrencies, forecasting the future is all but impossible. So, if you’re interested in investing, you should do your own research. In addition, Tamadoge looks like an exciting project, and we would like to emphasize that their goals are very consistent with the roadmap presentations they announced on their official website.

When will Tamadoge be released?

The release of Tamadoge’s pets is expected for Q4 2022. At the same time, Metaverse partnerships and the Augmented reality project will be released in the first and last quarter of 2023.


We took an in-depth look at Tamadoge, which has been involved in the Crypto gaming industry since 2022.

With its own Tamaverse and innovative AR mobile game design, Tamadoge attracts a lot of attention from players and investors alike. Despite the fact that the game is not out yet, I hope to see a beta version or prototype images in the upcoming months.

The fact that Tamadoge is being introduced as a meme token rather than a game Is something that annoys me personally and probably makes some people raise an eyebrow.

At the moment, the TAMA token is listed on the OKX exchange. We have not been able to precisely understand what Tamadoge promises in the future, despite being viewed as an early investment opportunity.

Because of this, we advise our readers to do their own research before making any investments or deciding whether to play any games.

5 Total Score

On Tamadoge, you'll be able to grow your own pets, breed them to create new and unique varieties, and battle other players to win prizes.

Graphics & Design
Earning Ability
  • The game hasn’t been released yet, therefore, it allows investors to make an early investment in the game.
  • It is expected that it will use AR and VR technology to support the metaverse aspect of the game. Tamadoge is promising, particularly when we consider that VR games will be widely available in 2023 and 2024.
  • Play-to-earn mechanics are not overly complex. Its gameplay revolves around fighting and feeding pets, just like Axie Infinity. Anyone can earn TAMA tokens quickly and easily by doing quests or participating in other in-game events.
  • The TAMA token was released as a meme coin. It is, however, involved in the crypto gaming industry. The development team seems to be quite unrelated to the video game industry.
  • The gameplay doesn’t yet have a trailer or image. I doubt a game has been developed yet. People may begin to wonder what exactly they are investing in if the game is not released quickly.
  • In my opinion, the TAMA token is very likely to be exposed to market manipulation and speculative movements because it is widely known what happened to Shiba, a similar token.
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